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This group was formed in 1997 and is dedicated to performing the traditional music of Scotland. Their biggest influences to date have been The Bothy Band, Whistleblinkies, Silly Wizard, Ossian, The Tannahill Weavers and the early Battlefield Band. This is trad music played in a contemporary style using modern recording techniques.


With their unique party-rocking grooves and heavy downbeats, Fiddlers 3 will jump-start the atmosphere wherever they are. Performing traditional Canadian Celtic-Folk music, this family group not only creates an irresistible sound that drives audiences into a frenzy but also leaves many astonished and speechless after witnessing the intensity, passion, and drive of these musicians. Consisting of 3 championship sibling fiddlers, an accordionist and one-of-a-kind percussionist, this family group's sound is inimitable.


Over the past three albums and five years, Toronto’s Celtic rock band Enter The Haggis has found itself at the center of a grassroots success story ever teetering on the brink of mainstream success. From playing Celtic festivals to headlining them, and from the festival circuit to selling out multiple nights in rock venues, ETH has blazed a path with heavy and almost constant touring up and down the East Coast, to Canada, the West Coast and back again, winning over success one fan, one town, one region at a time.


The Rogues

Formed in 1987, the band was originally called "Clandestine. It was comprised of Lars Sloan, E. J. Jones, Randy Wothke, and J.W. McCormick. They quickly established themselves in the Renaissance circuit playing mostly traditional pipe and drum music



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